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ARF reminds you to protect your pets in your neighborhood from winter weather. Outdoor dogs & cats need suitable shelter to keep them warm, dry & free of frostbite or death. Straw is the best bedding. It helps generate heat. Blankets only retain moisture, become wet & freeze, chilling rather than insulating your pet. Dog & cat shelters should also face the south/southeast and be secured with bricks or blocks to prevent rolling. If your pet doesn't have proper shelter and you're a low-income pet guardian or free roaming cat caregiver in Wayne County, a straw-stuffed doghouse can be provided for your pet from ARF's "Roof Over Your Woof" Program.

To contact ARF's "Roof Over Your Woof" Program for doghouse or straw delivery, call 618-842-2241. ARF's doghouses are custom built at Southern Illinois Lumber Company in Fairfield and will require a $50 refundable deposit upon delivery from ARF. Illinois law requires that pets have proper shelter, fresh water & food at all times. As of January 1, 2016, pets will also be required to be indoors during weather advisories & extreme temperatures. ARF encourages the public to contact ARF's "Roof Over Your Woof" at 842-2241 or your local police department to report pets that are not adequately protected from the elements, and help prevent numerous cases of unnecessary suffering this winter. Reports are kept confidential. To give to ARF's "Roof Over Your Woof" Program or sponsor a doghouse from Southern Illinois Lumber Company in Fairfield, please mail your donation to ARF, P.O. Box 324, Fairfield, IL 62837 or click here on "donate online".



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brandyAll that I do, I do in memory of my beloved pets, including Brandy... our roo roo girl who I truly believe was sent from up above to help me recover from my car accident. She was rescued at age 10, lost six months later from previous brain injury and neglect. I could not save Brandy... so I save others. Brandy was greeted in heaven by my beloved Doberman Pinscher, Malo, who was my best friend for 10 years and was faithful to the last beat of his heart. Apache, whose uniqueness and 11 years of devotion will never be forgotten. And Puss, my cat who loved popcorn, and who lived 17 years by my side.

Together they protect those in heaven that we cannot save. Together they give me strength to do what I do for the animals.

teresa and brandyWhile I was growing up, and still today, my parents always make sure animals basic needs are being met, whether it be our own canine or feline family members, strays, or others who are less fortunate. Their kindness and compassion towards animals reflects the person I am today. I know first-hand the healing power of animals and the value of the human-animal bond. My husband and I now rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home companion animals. While we are saving the life of one, hundreds more are reproducing, right here in our rural community. Wayne County is full of surplus dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that are left homeless. The suffering and waste of life is of great concern to us. We believe the only solution is teaching responsible pet ownership.

On September 28, 2000 Teresa Bullard along with Tonya Link held the first organizational meeting for ARF. A large number of caring people were on hand to learn more about how they could help make ARF a reality. Plans were made to elect a Board of Directors, Officers and organize a volunteer program. Amber Roser from Carmi's Pets at Risk group was guest speaker. And the rest is history!

The displaced and disposed of pets in our community should be a concern of every citizen not just animal lovers. It costs taxpayers as much as $100 per animal to pick up, house, and eventually destroy unwanted animals. Remembering this quote by Mead, I decided to get the community involved.
- Teresa Bullard, President and Founder

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***Illinois law requires dogs & cats be provided food, water & shelter at all times. 

 ARF provides straw stuffed doghouses to low-income pet guardians & feral cat colony caregivers in Wayne County.

Contact ARF's "Roof Over Your Woof" Chairperson, Teresa Bullard,

618-842-2241 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Report Animal Abuse or Neglect to IL Dept Of Ag's:
Dorothy Williams at 217-524-3006
Neal Gelasko at 618-521-5243
or your local police dept. Reports remain confidential.

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"Our local shelter kills 100's of healthy cats & kittens every year simply due to a lack of forever homes. 

Adopt a shelter cat or kitten & save a life!